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Make The Pinewood Your Go-To Neighborhood Bar

Dec 12, 2017

The folks who established The Pinewood had a simple goal: to be a go-to neighborhood bar for the folks in the area. You’ll see evidence of this as soon as you enter. The interior is as unpretentious as it gets, thanks to wooden cabinets behind the bar, straight-back bar stools, a few cozy tables, and lounge seats toward the front.

That doesn’t mean that there’s nothing special about this place, however. Regular customers and out-of-town visitors alike rave about the way that The Pinewood strikes the balance between top-shelf execution and home-style comfort. You can order a basket of crispy golden tater tots to snack on (seriously — regulars rave about the tots), or stop in when The Pinewood hosts one of the area’s premier whiskey tasting nights. Whether you want a burger and a can of PBR or roasted quinoa and a hand-crafted cocktail, The Pinewood fits the bill.