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Catch a Show This Summer at Eddie's Attic

Jun 13, 2017

Eddie's Attic is one of the most popular music venues in Decatur, and with live music nearly every night of the week, it's also one of the best spots to grab a drink with friends. With a distinctly Southern style but a very wide assortment of music genres, there's truly something for everyone at this hip, relaxing venue.

Stop in for dinner before the show and you can choose from Eddie's Attic's menu of classic burgers and sandwiches, large entree salads and fish taco trios. If you're not hungry enough for a full meal, you might also enjoy sharing a plate of nachos with friends or deciding for yourself if the so-called "Best Mac n' Cheese in Decatur" lives up to its name. Order your drink of choice from the full bar and settle in for a night of music you won't soon forget!

Here are the upcoming events at Eddie's Attic this month:

  • June 15 - Kelly McFarling
  • June 16 - Marc Scibilia and Seth Walker
  • June 17 - Garrison Starr and Zach Seabaugh
  • June 18 - A Night With Francine Reed
  • June 19 - Songwriters' Open Mic
  • June 20 - The Joe Taylor Group and Guthrie Brown
  • June 21- Adron
  • June 21 - Josh Kelley
  • June 22 - MIPSO
  • June 23 - Robbie Fulks and Jack's River Band
  • June 24 - The Roosevelts
  • June 25 - The Station Breaks
  • June 26 - The Station Breaks
  • June 27 - Sam Lewis
  • June 28 - Daniel Cowan
  • June 29 - The Steel Woods
  • June 30 - Macy Todd and Alex Guthrie
Public Domain/Pixabay/unsplash